• Acuicultura y Nutrición de Galicia

    Acuinuga se dedica desde 1998 a la provisión al productor en acuicultura en todas las áreas: nutrición, proyectos, semilla de peces y/o moluscos, equipamiento, consultoría, analísis, tratamiento del agua, etc. Asistencia técnica y servicios especializados. Para más info:


    AGQ Labs es un Centro Tecnológico Químico fundamentado en laboratorios de análisis, ensayos avanzados e ingeniería química especializada. Ofrecemos soluciones y servicios de valor dirigidos a los sectores Agronómico, Alimentario, Medioambiental, Minero y de Salud y Seguridad. Combinamos tecnología (Química Analítica) y conocimiento especializado (Ingeniería Química aplicada).

    Catálogo AGQ Labs

  • negrete

    Fabricamos y exportamos productos de calidad, con un precio muy competitivo. Buscamos extender y consolidar nuestra red de ventas en todo el mercado africano.

  • Philipas Enterprise, scp





    The company, established in 1996 is based on Import and Export, Trading and Distribution of  Agricultural products mainly General Food Products.

    PHILIPAS ENTERPRISE,  also act either as both agents and brokers

    or principals according to customer requirements.





    (A)Spices:                                                         (B) Bakery Products:

    Paprika (Powder & Whole)                              Bread Improvers

    Saffron filament                                                          Vegetable Creams(Almonds)

    Garlic (powered/whole)                                               Bread Ready Mixes

    Chillie Pepper                                                 Margerines

    Cloves (Powdered/whole)                                           Gelatinas

    Onion desiccated                                                       Magerine system range

    Cinnamon                                                                    Almond laminated; grain;

    Oregano                                                                     Almond Cream

    Parsely                                                           Hazelnut Paste          


    (C ) Dried Fruits & Snacks:                                     (D)Cocoa Powder/Sweets/Desicated Coconut:

    Almond (shelled/unshelled)                                        Alkalized & Natural

    Almonds shelled selected/unselected                         Chocolate Cakes

    Cashew Nuts processed                                                              Chocolates/Sweets  & fillings

    Cashew Nuts in shell                                                                   Cocoa Powder


    Tigernuts, Coconuts,                                                             



    (E) Edible Oils                                                          (F) Aceituna & Encurtidos

    Olive Virgen Extra Oil                                     Manzanillas (Olives)

    Olive Pomace Oil                                            Manzanillas (Olives with stones)

    Olive Oil Lampante                                         Olives with Anchovies flavour

    Sunflower Oil (Refined)                                              Sliced Olives

    Soybean Oil (Refined)                                     Filled Anchovies

    Corn Oil  (Refined)                                          Pepinillos (gherkin)

    Peanut Oil (Refined)                                        Pimiento Pepper & Vinegre

    Vegetable Oil (Refined)                                               Cocktail


    Vineger (Apple & Wine) WINE WITHOUT ALCOHOL                                                                    

    (G)Fruits & Beverage drinks                                      (H)Seeds          

    Fruit Juice (Orange, Pineapple, Apple, etc.)            

    Mineral Water, Cocoa Powder                                  All types of  Horticultural Seeds.

    (I) Beer Without Alcohol                                          All Kinds of Seeds low grade for Animal 

    Beer with 0% - 0% Alcholic contents                       Feeds & for Oil Production


     Energy Drinks                                                    Yellow Corn (for human/animals/feeds)

     Fruit Juice Concentrates                                          ANIMAL FEEDS

     Refreshment Concentrates Drinks             Frozen HALAL  Chicken Meat

    INEDIBLE PRODUCTS                                         Frozen Pork Ribs,

    (K)Oils:                                                            (L) PRODUCTS FOR OENOLOGY SECTOR

    Almond oil                                                            (Citric Acid Monohidrated BP93, Anhydrate, etc)

    Grape Seeds Oil                                               (M) PRODUCTS FOR VERTINARY &

    Paprika Oil                                                           

    (N) OTHER INEDIBLE PRODUCTS:  Organic Fertilizers; Used Vegetable Oil; Base Oils; Oil for Manufacture of Lubricants; Asphalt Products.




    A mutual business agreement is reached between Philipas Enterprise and the Customer by writing, based on prior pre-agreement about price, quality, quantity, etc.


    1. We sign a Sales and Purchases Agreement between Philipas Enterprise and the Customer.
    2. The Customer send us their final Purchase Order.
    3. Philipas Enterprise send Proforma Invoice to the Customer to open L/C at their bank.
    4. Payment: On pure mutual agreement: L/C at Sight.
    5. Delivery: Depend on the mode of transportation, the goods could be sent by Sea, Air or Road according to the Agreement with the customer.



    a)     The  buyer must indicate the quantity for export, normally FCL.

    b)    The buyer indicates the form of packaging , example in sacks,  boxes or  bags.

    c)     Confirmation  and  acceptance of payment by L/C at sight

    d)    Type of money to use in the transaction is EURO, USD or UK  pound sterling.


    FIVE REASONS :         1.  Quality

    2.     Competitive prices

    3.      Efficiency

    4.     Rapidity

    5.     Honesty.







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