Interview with Marisol Ovono Nchama, CEO & President of Elite Construcciones.

Interview with Marisol Ovono Nchama, CEO & President of Elite Construcciones.

We last caught up with Elite Construcciones at the start of 2019. What has the company achieved since then?

Since we last talked Elite Construcciones has been heavily involved in the Noble/MEGPL gas backfill project, including carry out laser surveys, geotechnical drilling and site investigations, soil testing, site preparation and foundation works for the incoming pipe line, this is a good project for Noble Energy Inc, Marathon Equatorial Guinea and the Ministry of Mines of Hydrocarbons and Elite are very proud to be a part of it.

What are the prospects in the Equatorial Guinea market looking like at the moment?

We feel 20/20 is going to be a positive year for Equatorial Guinea, the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons has a good and positive initiative with various new projects on the table including the gas hub as a national company Elite are hoping to be involved heavily in this and other new projects.

 Why is Equatorial Guinea a good place to do business?

Equatorial Guinea like all the petroleum reliant countries suffered badly when the oil prices crashed, however we have proved ourselves to be fighters Equatorial Guinea is back with a goal and that goal is to succeed, countries and companies that want to be involved in this ambitious Equatorial Guinea need to get involved before it's too late. 

Tell us about your corporate social responsibility and local content commitments.

As a national company we are heavily involved in social responsibility and reinvesting in Equatorial Guinea, it is very important that all companies remember that we all have a commitment to help Equatorial Guinea with new social programs, these programs do not always require financially assistance in training and education are just as much a social requirement, as for local content Elite are again fully committed we employ over five hundred national staff but it is not just employing the staff it is looking after them and teaching them how to excel and be part of a family working together and helping each other, as a company the most important single item is our staff without them there is no Elite we are committed to local content. 

What plans do you have for 2020 and beyond?

To keep giving the service and commitment we have always given to our clients without whom we would not be here.

Interview answers given by Marisol Ovono Nchama. Please visit Elite Construcciones for more information.

Source :// Alain Charles Training



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